10.2-inch Tri-color E Ink screen conference doorplate, electronic display board poster, NFC & Bluetooth transmission DMIF102RBN1
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10.2-inch Tri-color E Ink screen conference doorplate, electronic display board poster, NFC & Bluetooth transmission DMIF102RBN1

10.2-inch electronic display board, e-ink smart doorplate, Moontai ink screen conference room doorplate
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10.2-inch three-color smart ePaper doorplate

The DMIF102RBN1 intelligent ePaper doorplate is a simple, efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly high-end intelligent display terminal and system. Utilizing wireless technology, it can be combined with mobile applications and network management backend to transmit meeting room usage information to device terminals, making it an intelligent paperless device.


Product Features:

1) Fearless angles, nearly 170° viewing angle; the display utilizes a black, white, and red tricolor electronic ink screen.

2) Multiple wireless transmission methods including NFC & Bluetooth; controlled via a mobile app editing backend.

3) Picture replacement is more convenient than ordinary paper, saving time and effort; multiple background templates are available for selection.

4) Powered by button batteries, no need for recharging, convenient to use.


Basic parameter

Part Number DMIF102RBN1
Size 10.2Inch
Resolution 960*640
Color Black, white, and red tricolor
Transmission Method Bluetooth/NFC
Operating Temp 0℃ to 40℃
Storage Temp -25℃ to 60℃
Battery Life 8 CR2450 button batteries 4 years (screen refresh twice a day)
Product Size 236× 170× 12.2 mm

* The operating temperature is based on laboratory data according to the screen factory specifications.

* The endurance capability is based on laboratory data and may vary in actual use due to battery brand specifications and application environment.



Product Applications


 1) Retail Industry: Stores or supermarkets can use it to display product information, prices, promotions, etc., while also serving as advertising boards.

2) Transportation Industry: Bus stops, taxi tops, etc., can be used to display vehicle information, routes, stops, etc., making it convenient for passengers to understand the transportation situation.

3) Advertising Industry: Advertising companies or businesses can use it to create interactive billboards to attract audience attention.

4) Construction Industry: Construction sites can use it to display construction progress, safety reminders, etc., to improve construction safety and efficiency.

5) Government Agencies: Government agencies can use it to publish notices, announcements, legal propaganda, etc., to enhance government transparency and credibility.


Electronic paper display screen:


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10.2 inch epaper
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