NFC-Driven 2.13-Inch E-Ink Display Development Kit
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NFC-Driven 2.13-Inch E-Ink Display Development Kit

The NFC-D1-213 development kit assists developers in more quickly and smoothly developing NFC-driven electronic paper display projects
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NFC-Driven 2.13-Inch E-Ink Display Development Kit


NFC-D1-213 development kit

The NFC-D1-213 e-ink display NFC driver board utilizes NFC communication and power harvesting technology. Additionally, this e-ink display NFC driver board is equipped with a mobile app. Users can directly update the current display image on their phones through this app. This design simplifies the updating process, eliminating the need for modeling operations; users only need to import the desired images into the software. Through NFC communication and the mobile app, users can achieve real-time updates of the content on the e-ink display, which is particularly useful for applications requiring frequent content changes or real-time information updates. This communication method makes operation more convenient, requiring no specialized skills, allowing even ordinary users to easily update and control display content.    

Note: Not all NFC-enabled phones can drive the display; real-world testing is required.


Product Advantage

  • Update Display Screen via Smartphone NFC
  • Battery-free, utilizes NFC power harvesting technology
  • Image requirements: BMP, PNG, JPG formats


The NFC-D1-213 development kit includes the main control unit and NFC antenna section.



Current successful applications include:

1) Portable accessories, such as keychain attachments:1.54-inch NFC passive smart tag.

2) NFC shelf labels:2.13-inch electronic shelf labels、 2.9-inch electronic shelf labels.

3) NFC photo albums, NFC smart locks, and other applications are still under development. Stay tuned for more updates.


NFC-D1 Software Installation

  1. Download the Software: Scan the QR code below with your phone's browser to download and install the app.




2. Open the NFC-D1 Software: Click the color mode button on the right. The default for black and white E-Ink screen is "2-COLOR" mode. For black/white/red E-Ink screen, switch to "3-COLOR" mode.



3. Select Screen Type: Click the "Please Select" button on the top left. For black/white E-Ink screen, choose "GDEY0213B74". For black/white/red E-Ink screen, choose "GDEY0213Z98". A demo image will be displayed.   


                                                                       GDEY0213B74 demo diagram         GDEY0213Z98demo diagram



4. Update the Display: Place your phone near the NFC driver board with the phone on top and the driver board below. When the phone displays the data transfer progress, the NFC connection is successful, and image data transfer begins. When "Data complete: 100%" appears, the transfer is complete.



5. Complete the Refresh: Do not move the phone while the driver board completes the refresh operation. When "E-paper refresh complete" appears, the update is complete, and you can observe the display effect.



6. Custom Image Operation: Click the camera button in the top right of the app to enter the custom image selection screen.  Choose an image from your phone. The app will switch to the screenshot screen where you can crop the image using the red rectangle. Double-tap to zoom in or out. Click the screenshot button to return to the home preview screen. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to update the display.  



NFC driver board
NFC communication
NFC-Driven 2.13-Inch E-Ink Display Development Kit
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Product model NFC-D1-213
Function Provide driving voltage for e-paper;
Provide interface for e-paper and motherboard;
Help users operate e-paper quickly.
Outside Dimension 59.2x29.2x1.0mm
Suitable Size 2.13 inch
Interface 24PIN 0.5mm
Power Input NFC power supply

Full update

Display color Black,White/Black,White,Red
Operating Temp 0~50℃
Example Code Available


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