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Since its establishment in 2007, Dalian Good Display Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to developing and assembling E Ink Displays, ePaper Display Screens with touch screen and front-light functionalities, as well as creating development kits.



As a prominent manufacturer of E Ink displays in China, we specialize in offering a diverse range of engineered E Ink display modules.




At Good Display, we strongly believe that nurturing a customer-centric approach is essential for long-term partnerships. We understand that displays serve as the primary windows to showcase products.



A seamless blend of clear and appealing display experiences, coupled with smooth touch functionalities, elevates the prominence of your product and leaves a lasting impression on your customers. This philosophy forms the core of our brand - "GooDisplay".






Smart Manufacturing & Strict Quality Control.



We've implemented an Automated Production Line and rigorous Quality Control measures, which serve as the cornerstone of our business. Our unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch products has garnered praise from both customers and industry peers alike.


E Ink Manufacturer Ranking



In 2011, we achieved Management System Certifications that meet the rigorous standards set forth by ISO9001 and ISO14001.






Competitive Price.



Considering both quality and price as crucial factors, we are inclined to reduce our profit margins while ensuring superior quality. We understand that by offering competitive prices for your products in the market, we can foster a win-win situation and forge a stronger partnership with you for mutual success.


  • We leverage our solid financial standing to lower purchasing costs through advance payments, garnering increased recognition from our material suppliers and securing larger discounts.
  • Additionally, we optimize procurement costs by procuring generic components in bulk, thereby adding value to our customers.
  • To further reduce costs, we focus on technical innovation and equipment upgrades, enhancing production efficiency and elevating product pass rates.
  • Moreover, we maintain a stringent approach towards overhead costs, ensuring utmost efficiency and avoiding unnecessary expenditures.        AliExpress      GOODEREADER







Strong R&D Capability.


As pioneers in ePaper display technology, we maintain a relentless commitment to research and innovation. Our goal is to consistently enhance ePaper displays, pushing boundaries to achieve higher resolutions, lower power consumption, faster response times and diversified solutions.



We offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Injection and metal mold fabrication
  • Multilayer PCB layout design
  • ePaper display design
  • Software development
  • Circuit design
  • Test equipment design
  • Product and component evaluation
  • Prototype sample development
  • Platform application solutions


Moreover, we provide customization options featuring:





Excellent Customer Service.



Our sales and engineering teams are dedicated to promptly addressing your requirements with expertise and dedication. We strive to provide a solution tailored precisely to your application, offering professional support and swift assistance throughout the process.


  • We offer readily available sample codes for fast or partial updates and grayscale displays.
  • All of the above information can be freely downloaded.
  • Most standard displays have no minimum order quantity requirements.
  • We provide access to samples and demo kits upon request.





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