How to custom Front-light?

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How to custom Front-light?

(Summary description)

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How to custom Front-light?

For product design engineers, opting for a custom front-light proves to be the optimal approach for meeting their distinctive application requirements. We offer data-driven recommendations and unwavering support throughout the process. Our adeptness in the field has translated into a documented history of triumph, even in the face of the most challenging applications.



Even minor design adjustments, unique features, and requirements that deviate from a standard setup are best addressed through a customized process. Every additional feature and suggestion is viable, but is most effectively accommodated through a bespoke design. Therefore, it is crucial that the design objectives are clearly defined before the conceptualization phase begins.



Here are some points you need to know


1. Light Guide Plate dimensions


Larger than the display's active area (AA) and slightly smaller than the outer dimensions of EPD.


2. Thickness


Typical thickness: 0.4mm.


3. Anti-Glare Film


With Touch Screen or Cover Glass, No anti-glare film required.

Without Touch Screen or Cover Glass, it is usually recommended to add an anti-glare film.


4. The Connection of LEDs


Series connection: Good performance, requires additional boosting (recommended).

Parallel connection: Moderate performance, no need for boosting.


5. Reference Quantity of LEDs


0.97 inch, 1.02 inch: 2 LEDs

1.54 inch, 2.13 inch, 2.9 inch: 3 LEDs

2.7 inch: 4 LEDs

3.7 inch: 5 LEDs

4.2 inch: 7 LEDs

7.5 inch: 10 LEDs


6. Color of LEDs


White LED: Biased towards blue or biased towards yellow are both optional, depending on your preference.

GRB LEDs: By independently controlling the brightness of the red, green and blue LEDs, a wide range of colors can be produced, allowing for dynamic color changes and effects.


7. Length of FPC


FPC PIN Definition: 

Default 6 pins: 1-2 Positive electrode, 3-4 NC, 5-6 Negative electrode

Customer specified: Design according to customer requirements, 4Pins or 8Pins etc.

FPC length and orientation:

Customer unspecified: Defaults to match standard specifications.

Customer specified: Design according to customer requirements.


8. Bonding Type

OCA bonding: OCA adhesive is used for bonding, with a minimum OCA thickness of 0.175mm.


The 5-step development process


1. Definition


To start, all stakeholders need to agree on the what, where, why and how. Good Display likes to begin with a preliminary questionnaire that covers items like:


  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • How does this product solve that problem?
  • What is the product, application and timeline you're working from?
  • Why are certain requirements (size, shape, etc.) needed?

2. Concept

At this stage, we build samples based on tooling orders to justify proof of concept.

3. Design

Once a preliminary quote and proof of concept are approved, we offer a final, formal quote for the project and make a production order for materials required. The customized front light is now ready to be fully designed and engineered.

4. Validation

You as the customer validate the efficacy of the custom design, and all parties agree to move into the larger production phase.

5. Production

Beginning with a short-run production of the part(s) and culminating in the final mass-produced version, Good Display prepares the quantities necessary for a product launch.


Our Standard Front-Light


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